The younger brother plays around so that his older sister has to sell sex to pay off her debt

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Money to support my sister. The girl seems to like to be touched, but she will be obedient and must study hard. But it's different from what Kana thought, his older brother often gambled and joined gangs. One day, he returned home in fear. When questioned, Kana discovered that his sister had stolen his brother's money and put it into gambling. He invites you to meet him, and he will definitely not save his life your. Kana decided to go with her sister to the boss to apologize for loving her sister too much. Upon seeing Kana, her grandmother was impressed by her beauty. He agreed to forgive his brother's debt, but only on conditions. I mean you have to become a girl in ten days!!! Then her new life began. She is only allowed to wear sexy underwear or be nude so she can be seductive whenever she wants, even in front of her juniors. But the pleasure of her brother's big and strong cock that her boyfriend couldn't give her.