Actor Conor Coxxx

Conor Coxxx

Everyone knows chicks dig guys in bands, so over the six years Conor Coxxx spent as an indie rock guitarist, he got all the pussy he could handle, but the paycheck left something to be desired. Conor says he'd always thought, "Playing music and having sex are my favorite things to do so I figured that if I could make a living doing either it would never feel like hard work." When music wasn't paying the bills, he decided to switch to fucking! It turns out that his shaggy-haired look and massive cock were the keys to unprecedented success. Since his porn debut in 2012, this hunk has not only established himself as one of the most promising performers in a new generation of male performers, he's also started his own talent agency and even begun producing his own content. Conor is always asked for advice from aspiring studs, and his top tip for industry hopefuls is full of the sage wisdom he's known for: "Control your dick, don’t let it control you!"

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